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* FrightIdeas Controller Manuals, Firmware, and Downloads (#1098)

Activate a Color Piano light from a BooBox (#1280)

Activate a fog machine from a PicoBoo or BooBox (#1102)

Activate Chauvet Geyser RGB fog machine from a PicoBoo (#1220)

Activating 12VDC Car lights & horns from a PicoBoo (#1195)

Activating a BooTunes from a PicoBoo AC (#1110)

Activating a BooTunes from a PicoBoo Jr (#1108)

Activating a BrightSign Player (#1291)

Activating a Bullseye Paintball Target (#1298)

Activating a FLASH! Cracker from a controller or relay (#1122)

Activating A Seat Switch (#1302)

Activating a Sprite Player With a Diffused Beam Sensor (#1282)

Activating a Stainless Steel Proximity Sensor (#1303)

Activating DC devices from AC power (#1235)

Activating Multiple BooTunes from a Flex (#1138)

Activating PicoBoos from Live Voltages (#1171)
"1. Power up the unit while holding the REC button 2. Press the 2 button, the 2 light should turn on 3. Press REC button, the REC light should turn o..."
BooBox 4: Setting Input 1 to Normally Closed or Open (#1015)

BooBox Flex Specialty Trigger Wiring (#1272)

BrightSign LS422 Trigger Activation (#1208)
" TRIGGER PROS CONS DETECTION METHOD Pressure Sensing Mats (Step Mat) Reliability Ease of use Pinpoint e..."
Comparison of different controller trigger options (#1118)

Connect a 12VDC Device Directly to the FrightProps Beam Sensor (#1217)

Control a 12vDC Motor from a PicoBoo (#1132)

Control a 12vDC Parking Motor from a PicoBoo (#1206)

Control a Linear Actuator from a BooBox (#1261)

Control a Linear Actuator from a PicoBoo (#1131)

Control an Antari IP-1000 Fog Machine from a PicoBoo (#1185)

Control high wattage and high voltage devices from a BooBox Flex (#1230)

Controlling 9VDC LEDs from a PicoBoo (#1176)

Controlling LED lights and Solenoids from the PicoBoo ONE (#1194)

Directly Activating a 12vDC Solenoid from a Motion Sensor (#1198)

Directly Activating Devices from a Step Mat (#1212)

Directly Activating LED Mini Spotlights with a Motion Sensor (#1157)

Extend Post Delay Time on a PicoBoo (#1226)

FrightProps Motion Sensor (PIR) Internal Wiring & Settings (#1183)

Hand Trigger Wiring (#1300)
"This information pertains to creating the correct folder structures on your SD card for use with our various controllers and MP3 players. For the sak..."
How to create folders on an SD card (#1137)

Installing a DC Diode for feedback absorption (#1119)

Installing a high voltage AC capacitor for feedback absorption (#1117)

Linking multiple BooBox Controllers in Director (#1262)

Mounting a motion sensor behind hole (#1116)
"When a PicoBoo is activated it is sometimes required that there be a delay before the outputs start to activate.  This is called a "pre delay". &..."
PicoBoo Controller Pre and Post Delay (#1134)

PicoBoo Specialty Trigger Wiring (#1273)
"The PicoStorm is actually a full-featured PicoFX controller that is shipped with a storm program and audio as the Ambient track.  This allows it ..."
PicoStorm: Change to triggerable from continuous play (#1150)

PicoVolt wiring examples (#1124)

Power Supply Selection (#1177)

Powering 12VDC Devices from a PicoBoo (#1112)

Powering 24VDC Devices from a PicoBoo (#1158)


Running a PicoBoo or BooBox from a battery (#1197)
" To size a power supply you must match the supply voltage to the voltage of your outputs. You must also add up the wattages of all the outputs ..."
Sizing a Power Supply for a Flex or FlexMax (#1209)

Standard Definition Digital Video Player: Activation (#1172)

Step Mat Controller Wiring (#1301)

Trigger a PicoBoo from a Simple timer (#1207)

Trigger Solenoids from the FrightProps Wireless Triggers (#1156)

Triggering a Color Piano Light With a Motion Sensor (#1296)

Triggering contact closure devices with the Simple Timer (#1219)

Triggering Gemmy or Spirit Props with a FrightProps PIR (#1199)

Triggering Solenoids Directly with a Hand Trigger (#1057)

Triggering two or more PicoBoo's or BooBoxes with one trigger (#1105)

Two Keypads One Maglock (#1293)

Using 110vAC Devices with the Simple Timer (#1115)

Using 12 and 24VDC Device with the Simple Timer (#1114)

Using 5V Motion Sensors with PicoBoo and BooBox Controllers (#1113)

Using a PicoBoo to control 220VAC Devices (#1190)

Using a relay to handle European voltages with controllers (#1107)
Using AC Devices with Relays (#1060) Using AC devices with the PicoBoo (#1100)
Using contact closure with the PicoBoo AC (#1101)

Using Solid State Relays for High Amperage Loads (#1106)

Using Talking Skull LED Eyes With 12VDC (#1238)
Video: BooBox 4 (#1045) Video: DMX Lighting with BooBox 8+ (#1126)
Video: PicoBoo (#1044) Video: PicoBoo FX (#1047) Video: PicoVolt with LED lights (#1055) Video: Prop Motor and PicoVolt Introduction (#1056)
Video: ScareMaster and BooBox Flex (#1046) Video: Talking Skull Manual (#1078)
" Watts - volts - amps - ohms calculator Enter 2 values to get the other values and press the Calculate button: ..."
Volts, Watts, Amps Converter Tool (#1187)

Wireless Trigger Wiring (#1259)

Wiring an E-Stop Button (#1162)

Wiring RFID Relays in Series (#1292)

Questions in Controllers & Electronics

"The PicoBoo AC (previously named PicoBoo 105) comes with an AC power cable, not a power supply. Each outlet on the PicoBoo AC can handle 10amps of lo..."
What size power supply comes with the PicoBoo AC? (#1023)
"1.    Power down the BooBox 4, then power it back up holding the REC button until the PLY light turns on. 2.    Press b..."
BooBox 4: Setting Write-Protection (#1016)
BooBox Flex or BooBox 8+ outputs staying on or not responding (#1030)
"The PicoBoo Jr and PicoBoo (formerly known as the PicoBoo 103 and PicoBoo 104) can provide power to 12vDC solenoids. Follow the directions here: F..."
Can a 12v solenoid be hooked up to the PicoBoo outputs without having to use a battery or another power supply? (#1024)
" Yes:   Activating a fog machine with a picoBOO 103 or 104 ..."
Can I use my PicoBoo to give a burst of fog when triggered? (#1031)
"Yes, all of our controllers have the ability to loop a scence over and over again without the use of a trigger...."
Can the BooBox Flex be programmed to loop the scene? (#1020)
"Yes. They screw right in to the controller. The controller supplies the power to the trigger so no additional power source is required.  This al..."
Can triggers (step mat, PIR, beam sensor) be hooked directly to a picoBOO? (#1025)
"NO!  Motion sensors purchased at hardware stores and other such triggers designed for 110v / 120v AC will destroy the PicoBoo and BooBox controll..."
Can you hook an AC (110v) trigger to a PicoBoo? (#1027)
"No,  the Flex has dry contacts and not relays.  It passes voltage through (12vDC or 24vDC depending on adapter you use) directly to the devi..."
Can you hook lights up directly to the BooBox FLEX? (#1014)
"It seems as though you might have named the files “000.MP3.MP3” rather than “000.MP3”. If the sample MP3 files that are in t..."
Can't get my MP3 files to play (#1034)
"The picoFX is a great controller for the peppers ghost illusion.   Click here for step-by-step information on creating the peppers ghost illu..."
How do I create a peppers ghost illusion? (#1011)
"The PicoBoo and PicoBoo AC (formerly known as the PicoBoo 104 and PicoBoo 105) contain internal speaker amplifiers. There is a small yellow volume co..."
How do you turn up the speaker volume when using the internal amp on a PicoBoo? (#1026)
"Lead acid batteries are rated in "Amp Hours".  Theoretically, if you have 1 Amp Hour (AH) battery, then you can run a 1 amp device for 1 hour. ..."
How long can a 12VDC device run off a Lead acid battery? (#1175)

Motor drift when using the PicoVolt controller (#1096)
"If the PicoFX lights stay on in ambient and this is not what you want then simply turn the knobs down (counter-clockwise all the way to the left). Th..."
PicoFX & PicoStorm: Lights stay on after program runs (#1141)
"To clear the BooBox 4 memory back to factory defaults: 1. Power up the BooBox 4 while holding the REC button, the PLY light should turn on. 2. Press..."
Setting BooBox 4 to factory defaults (#1021)
"All of our products that run off electricity come with US style plugs.  Most of our products will work with a different style plug and 110V or 22..."
Will your prop controllers work in my country? (#1067)

Wireless base station is beeping, how to disable? (#1201)
"The BooBox 8+ is not multitasking.  Each trigger on the BooBox 8+ starts a new program.  It is designed for one large scene or prop scenerio..."
With a boobox 8+ can multiple scenes be triggered and then running independently at the same time? (#1013)