Pressure Sensing Mats (Step Mat)


Ease of use

Pinpoint exact detection area

Can be damaged by dirt, rocks, and other debris

Will need to be replaced over time

Can be seen and stepped over by patrons

Only detects the area the size of the mat

Detects weight on top of it

Motion Trigger (PIR)


Can be hidden from view so patrons don't know they are being detected

Has a wide field of vision and will pickup all movement in the area

Very sturdy and will last a long time

Does not work in the heat of the sun

Has a wide "field of vision" and may pick up patrons far away (you can correct this by limiting its field of vision with tape or hiding it behind a hole)

Detects body heat

Beam Sensor

Very reliable and accurate

Pinpoint exactly where you want detection to take place

Very sturdy and will last a long time

Does not work in fog

Requires a reflector (included) on the opposite side to bounce the laser beam back. This makes accurate placement of beam and reflector very important

Detects when an invisible beam is broken

Manual Triggers / Button Triggers

Very reliable and accurate

Start the scare exactly when you want to

Must be activated by an actor

Activates when button is pressed

Hay Ride Trigger

Very reliable and accurate for vehicle detection

Can not be damaged by weight of vehicle (it is mounted in the earth beside the vehicle path)

May be used outdoors in wet conditions (sensor only, not controller)

Only works with vehicles that contain steel (in wheels, chassis, etc)

Not for detecting humans

Detects magnetic field changes

All sensors listed work in the dark. Unless noted, the sensors are not meant to be used in wet conditions (although they may all be used outdoors in dry conditions)