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12V LED Lighting

Our products operate on 12V DC (much safer than conventional 110V or 220V AC lighting) reducing the risk of shock and fire. LED technology generates minimal heat, making it a safe and efficient replacement for traditional luminaires. We manufacture our products with the highest safety standards to provide users with ease of mind.   If you don’t see the light source then we’ve done our job. Our products are about showing what’s important: your subject, be it a scene, a prop, or a showcase item. Elegantly designed to fit into any environment without adding bulky fixtures or messy wires. Don’t come see our products, come see what our products can illuminate!   Precision Lights are water resistant (IP63 and up) and rated for 50,000 hours, allowing them to be used indoors or outdoors, even in the rain. Our luminaires are made of CNC machined aluminum, then anodized for strength and durability. Designed to survive the bumps and drops of installation, storage, transportation, and most importantly: customer interaction.   Installation, removal, or changes are quick and easy with our plug & play wiring system. Our LED luminaires are swappable so that colors and lighting effects can be changed without tools. No need to crimp or tape wires during installation and no need to cut wires during removal.