Selecting the correct power supply depends on both the voltage requirements and power draw of the devices you will be powering.

Voltage: We offer 5V, 12V, and 24V DC power supplies.  Never go over a device’s voltage requirements - Irreparable damage will occur!

Amperage: Power supplies are rated for the maximum amperage connected devices can draw.  The total amperage requirements of all connected devices must not exceed the power supply’s rated amperage - Erratic behavior and power supply shutdown will occur!  You can always use a power supply rated at higher amperage than a device calls for.  If your device is rated in watts then divide by voltage to get amps (For example a 12V 6W Solenoid = 6W / 12V = .5A). 

Current: Never connect DC power supply’s to AC devices - Irreparable damage will occur! 

Power Supplies by Product

These products have various power supply requirements depending on how many will be used off of a single power supply.  

These products require a 12V 1A power supply at a minimum.  They also  have the ability to pass power along to other devices connected to them.  If you are using them in this way then you will need to move to a higher amperage (A) and/or voltage based on the cumulative power draw of all devices connected to the one power supply. 

Products with built-in amplifiers (such as the PicoBoo) will see an increased power output from the amplifier by increasing the amperage.

This example shows how to add up the amperage requirements of all devices connected to a single power supply.  As shown, the total power draw is 2.5A and the closest power supply that works is the 12V 5A.  It is always better to use a higher amperage power supply than required.