Can you hook lights up directly to a BooBox Flex?



That depends on which type of light you are talking about. Typical household lighting runs on 110v AC current. Because the BooBox Flex uses solid state outputs, it is only capable of directly outputting low voltage (12-24 VDC) current. This means you can't just attach two wires from an AC lamp and have the Flex turn that off and on. If your light is a low voltage light, like a 12VDC LED, and you are using a power supply of that same voltage to power your controller you can connect that light directly to the outputs of the Flex to turn it off and on, though always make sure to be mindful of the amperage draw. You would just wire the light in like any other low voltage component:


There are options that allow you to easily control 110v lights (or other 110v electric devices) using a Flex. The easiest way is to use a relay expansion board. We offer On/Off AC Relay and Dimmable AC Relay expansions that make controlling 110v AC devices with your BooBox Flex or FlexMax a breeze!