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8 On/Off AC Outlets
  • 8 On/Off AC Outlets

8 On/Off AC Outlets

SKU: 0756-0360-8OF-NEW
Adds eight on/off AC outlets to BooBox Flex and FlexMAX controllers.

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For use with BooBox Flex and BooBox FlexMax controllers. Special interface cable for connecting switch pack to BooBox controller is required - select the voltage that matches what you are using with your controller.

  • A maximum of 10 Amps per outlet (channel), no more than 15 Amps total combined at one time
  • Contains a 15A 250V breaker

Product Faqs

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  • How many cycles are the relays rated for?
    The relays are rated for a minimum of 1 million cycles at 10 amps AC with a resistive load (light bulb). If you are using DC, and/or an inductive load (like a motor or solenoid), then that number will be lower.