I have a long 48' long hallway, when customers turn to enter the hallway I want the 5 lights spaced out along the path of the hallway to come on, the customers will see a (Ghoul-Actor) at the end of the hallway, the actor will start running at them... at that point lights go out, an MP3 plays with a nasty laugh and then beating heartbeats... customers will be left in the dark knowing that the Ghoul is waiting for them at the end of hallway.

Upon activation:

1. Turn on 5 separate lights.

2. Pause 5 seconds

3. Turn off light 1, pause 1 second

4. Turn off light 2, pause 1 second

5. Turn off light 3, pause 1 second

6. Turn off light 4, pause 1 second

7. Flicker the last light for 2 seconds then off.

8. Play MP3 sound file.

9. Reset until triggered again.


A BooBox Flex or FlexMax with 8 Outlet Switch Pack would work perfect for this scenario. You would also need a ScareMaster or the free Director software. You would plug each light into a different outlet on the switchpack, then program the controller to turn them on or off in your desired pattern. You can easily adjust the timing for each light to get the right effect and bof the Flex and FlexMax controllers can play MP3 audio so accompany the effect.