All of our products that run off electricity come with US style plugs.  Most of our products will work with a different style plug and 110V or 220V.

Products that run directly from an outlet (AC cable)

Some of the products that come with an AC cable have a swtich for 110V / 220V.   Using these products outside of the US is a simple matter of changing the switch and cable (or using a cable adapter).

Some of the products that contain a 110v / 220V switch:

  • Most fog Machines
  • Most gobo lights

Products that run from a power supply

The products that use a power supply (such as 12VDC) will work on with non-US style power as long as you use an adapter or use a power supply obtasined from your country.  

Some of the products that include a 12VDC power supply that support 110V and 220V:

  • PicoBoo ONE
  • PicoBoo JR
  • PicoBoo
  • PicoBoo Plus
  • PicoBoo MAX
  • BooBox Flex
  • BooBox Flex Max
  • Simple Prop Timer
  • Prop Remote Control