Can I use my Thunder and Lightning Controller for other lighting effects besides a thunderstorm?



Of course! Depending on the type of lightning controller you can create a range of different cool effects.

Controllers that listen to an audio track and sync your lights to that audio (like the Perfect Storm and those made by Lights Alive, like the FireFly units) can be used to sync lights to ANY audio track. This works best with audio tracks that have a heavy bass line or percusion track. Having a party and want to have your lights flashing along to the beat? Pull out your Thunder and Lightning Controller, plug in some colored lights and, bam, instant party mode!

If you have a controller like a PicoStorm you have even more options. The PicoStorm does not automatically adjust lights to your soundtrack, but rather it is programmed manually. This means you can program it as well to create anything you can imagine! The PicoStorm is actually a fully functional PicoFX and can create any pattern of dimming or on/off lighting you can think up. You can do Pepper's Ghost effects, power failures, demonic possessions or even less creepy effects, though we're not sure why you would want to do that!