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PicoBoo JR

In stock
  • 1x Trigger Input
  • 2x 10 Amp Relay Outputs
  • Up to 2 Minutes of Animation
  • No Audio Features
  • 12V1A Power Supply Included
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PicoBoo JR
PicoBoo JR

In stock


    The PicoBoo JR is the champion of cost-effective, two-output controllers that don't require audio.

    Program in Real-Time

    Like the other PicoBoo prop controllers, programming is easy and intuitive. Tap record, create your animation masterpiece, then push the record button and it will save your program. Changing your program is just as simple.

    Relay Outputs

    The PicoBoo JR has two 10 amp relay outputs brought out to a pluggable terminal block. The two relays provide the ability to control different voltages - use one to activate a light and have another work with a 12 volt solenoid. Each of the relays has both a normally-open and normally-closed contact.

    At 30 frames per second, you can record two minutes of animation.

    Input for Triggers

    Set up the controller to activate automatically using a trigger. Hide a pressure sensing mat, use an infrared motion sensor, or even give someone a remote control to activate the program with. And if you decide you just want your program to loop continuously, just connect the minus and IN trigger pins with a little wire jumper and you're good to go.

    Browse our triggers and learn more about them right here.


    The PicoBoo JR has a write protection function that stops irritating and problematic accidental changes and protects your carefully designed program. All of our controllers come with this crucial feature.

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    Customer Questions
    Is there a way to loop the program?

    Yes, you simply connect a short jumper wire between (-) and (IN).

    Can I have the recorded program run and repeat indefinitely without needing to be triggered each time?


    Would there be any problems if I wired one trigger to activate two PicoBoo controllers at the same time?

    That can be done by following the instructions in this document.

    Can I run a PicoBoo from a battery?

    Yes, you can run them from a 12V battery. More information can be found here

    Can a reed switch be used as a trigger?

    Yes. Most reed switches are normally-closed, so depending on your application you might have to set the trigger mode on the PicoBoo to normally-closed too. Either way it will work.

    I would like to have a 10 second pause between triggered events.

    Record the sequence on the PicoBoo but wait 10 seconds before tapping record to save. That will add 10 seconds of “post delay” during which time a sensor will not be able to activate the PicoBoo.

    How do I make it continuously play without having to trigger it?

    Simply connect a short jumper wire between (-) and (IN) and it will play the program continuously.

    After the PicoBoo is triggered and running animation, will another trigger during the animation restart the animation?

    No, the program will run to completion.

    Can I use a 12V DC 10 Amp power supply with this controller?

    Yes, as long as the power supply is 12V DC and at least 1Amp. You can never have too many amps, but never supply more voltage!

    Does the PicoBoo power supply support 220 volts 50 hz?

    Yes, the 12V power supply included with the PicoBoo controllers will run off of 220V 50hz power as well as 110V 60hz.

    Will this controller run servos?

    This controller does not support servos. The products that do are the BooBox Flex MAX and the PicoTalk.

    Is it possible to trigger this controller with a wireless remote from Home Depot?

    NO! Motions sensors from the hardware store are 120V AC and will burn up the controller. Only 12VDC trigger devices must be used with the controllers.

    Can you run a 12v device and 110v device out of of the same output simultaneously?

    Absolutely not!

    Can these be battery powered?

    The PicoBoo and BooBox controllers can run off of a 12V battery. We recommend one with high amperage such as a car, motor cycle, or alarm system battery.

    PicoBoo will not activate the 1/2" high-flow valve (or it activates it sporadically)

    If you are using the 1Amp power supply that came with the PicoBoo it is not large enough to also power the large 1/2" valve. You need to go up to a 12V 5A power supply.

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