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Pressure Sensing Mats

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Pressure Sensing Mats trigger props when a person steps on it. Basically, it's a foot pressure switch. Pressure mats are a great way to surprise your guests as you can easily hide them on floors so they can activate your props with precision.

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Pressure Sensing Mats
Pressure Sensing Mats

In stock


    Sometimes called step mats, pressure mats are one of our most popular prop activation devices. Use with all FrightProps controllers and audio players or your own devices with trigger input.
    • Concealable under carpeting or matting.
    • Slimmest profile of any pressure mat.
    • Flexible and water resistant.
    • May be placed under Masonite or plywood for heavy duty applications.
    • Pressure mats should only be used with low-voltage (such as 12v DC). To activate AC props, use a relay or controller.
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    Customer Questions
    Would this mat trigger stand up to a truck and hayride running it over?

    No, the step mats are designed for people only. You can detect a vehicle with our Vehicle Motion Detector or our Reflective Beam Sensor.

    Are the cables a negative and a positive connection?

    No voltage is required. It acts like a simple switch with two wires, stepping on the mat completes the circuit by contacting the two wires.

    Does wire come with the pressure mat?

    Yes, they have about 5 feet of wire pre-installed. If you need to lengthen the wire you can use 18 to 22 gauge wire to do so.

    Which wires are + and -?

    Neither, polarity does not matter.

    I have a scare that I would like to trigger when someone sits in a chair, would your pressure mats be sensitive enough for this?

    Possibly, but it can take up to 40 pounds of pressure to trigger the mat.

    If I put this on a sofa cusion will sitting on it trigger it?

    No. If the pressure mat is placed on a soft surface (like a sofa cushion) sitting on it will bend it and permanently damage it. The pressure mat should be placed on a flat, sold, and clean surface.

    Can you use this pressure mat as a replacement for the cheap Step Here pads from Spirit?

    Yes, connect to "TRY ME" on the circuit board or cut the existing mat off about half way down the cable and wire our mat into the left over wire that has the special connector on it.

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