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Prop Controller Motion Trigger (Weatherproof)

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Motion sensor triggers prop controllers when motion is detected. Weatherproof.

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Prop Controller Motion Trigger (Weatherproof)

In stock


    This is our weatherproof motion sensor that is rated for outdoor use.

    Triggers contact closure for DC prop units. Does not work with 110v AC.

    Mount this motion detector on wall, use provided 15 foot cable to screw into your prop controller or triggerable audio playback unit. When people walk by their motion will trigger the controller. This is a passive infrared detector - a motion sensor that detects body heat.

    Use with all FrightProps controllers and audio players or your own devices with trigger input.

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    Customer Questions
    How long does this motion detector activate the prop? Is it adjustable?

    It is not adjustable and is not meant to activate a prop directly. It is meant to be used with a controller such as a PicoBoo

    Do these work in a blacked out room?


    Does the motion sensor go off if there is a flickering light or just when a person walks by it?

    It detects body heat and not flashing lights.

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