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Beam Sensor - Reflective

In stock
Motion sensor which triggers when the invisible beam is broken.

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Beam Sensor - Reflective
Beam Sensor - Reflective

In stock


    Our beam sensor works great with our various prop controllers. They also work great with other manufacturer's controllers! The beam sensor acts as a motion sensor when the invisible beam is crossed.

    Triggers contact closure for controller activation. Mount this reflective photoelectric beam detector on wall, mount reflector on opposite wall, screw provided 6' cable into your prop controller or triggerable audio playback unit. When people walk by their body will trigger the controller. Requires a power supply if not used with one of our controllers.

    Maximum distance between beam and reflector is 13 feet.

    • Range: 13ft (4m)
    • DC 12-30VDC
    • Relay contact output: 250VAC 2.5A MAX.
    • Light Source: Red LED
    • Retroreflective
    • Light ON operation
    • Pre-wired 6-foot cord
    • Bracket and mounting hardware included
    • Adjustable sensing distance
    • Compact size

    Note: If you will be using this product with one of our PicoBoo or BooBox controller then you do not need the optional power supply.

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    Customer Questions
    Can the beam sensor be used outdoors?

    They can be used outdoors but they are not water proof and should be protected from any moisture.

    Can the beam sensor be used with both 12VDC or 30VDC?

    Yes, this product can be powered between 12VDC and 30VDC

    What is the best sensor for detecting a golf ball through a hole?

    We find the the Reflective Beam Sensor is the best for this application.

    Will strobe lights interfere with your beam sensor or motion sensors?

    Strobe lights will not interfere with the operation of the motion sensor or reflective beam sensor. They may cause unpredictable behavior from the diffused beam sensors.

    Will it work through a glass window?

    It will not work reliably through a window.

    How far can reflector be?

    Up to 15 feet

    Would the beam be visible if a fog machine is in use?

    Fog will disrupt the laser beam.

    Will this trigger the Sprite video player? Does it need a separate power supply? If so, what do you recommend and do you also sell them?

    Yes, it will trigger a Sprite. Yes, it does need its own 12V power supply. There is a checkbox option for that on the beam sensor product page.

    Will this sensor work outside in daylight to detect a car driving through it?

    Yes. The sensor triggers when the beam is broken. It is not affected by sunlight but must be protected from all moisture.

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