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BooBox Flex 2

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- 16MB internal show memory
- Supports If This Then That logic
- High current solid-state outputs
- 2, 4, or 8 output models
- 2 Outputs can dim LEDs or small bulbs
- Pluggable terminal blocks
- Optional DMX output

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BooBox Flex
BooBox Flex 2

In stock


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    The Flex can now be configured using If This Then That logic:
    You can trigger scenes, control variables, and much more. The top-tier model can output DMX to control lighting fixtures or any DMX accessory. Absolutely no other controller can offer you this many features at these prices.


    The Flex is easily programmed using our free Director software. Create even the most complex shows with just your mouse and keyboard. Director will save your show to an SD card so it can be uploaded to the Flex.

    If you'd like to program in real-time, the Director Connect dongle will allow you to connect your PC to the Flex so Director can animate it live.

    Flexible Storage

    The Flex can use either its internal memory or an SD card for animation and MP3 storage. The internal 16MB flash chip has enough memory for most props. For more demanding props, pop in an SD card and it’ll use that instead.


    You can now setup global and scene-specific Behaviors to control how the FlexMax responds to inputs, and other events like variable and timer changes. Behaviors can be used to jump to scenes, control outputs, override DMX channels, and more. You can see an example above of how Behaviors look in the Director software.

    Behavior 'IF' statements can trigger off of input states, output states, variables, timers, and more. Instead of simply triggering immediately when an input is activated, you can add minimum ON times to filter out noise or false inputs.

    Behavior 'THEN' statements can control outputs, DMX channels, trigger specific or random scenes, modify variables, control timers, and more.


    Flexible Outputs

    The Flex can be purchased in 2, 4, or 8 output models. All outputs are solid-state so they can control 12 or 24VDC loads without wear and tear. Each output is protected from shorts and overloads and capable of handling 1.5 amps of current. To control high voltage or current loads a relay must be used.

    Output Accessories

    If you want to control more than one or two AC or high-current loads, check out our Output Accessories. We offer relay boards and AC relay packs that start working as soon as you plug them into the expansion port.

    Please note that these output accessories do not add more outputs to a Flex, they simply offer a convenient way to control different types of loads. For example, output 1 on the expansion port will turn on when output 1 on the Flex is activated. You can connect both of the outputs to different devices, as long as you don't mind them both turning on at the same time.

    Two Dimmable Outputs

    On the 8 output model, the last two outputs can optionally be used to dim LEDs or small bulbs. Each output can handle 1.5 amps - that's a lot of LEDs! Create any lighting effect you want using the sliders on our ScareMaster or the virtual sliders in Director. When driving LEDs with these outputs you'll need to run the Flex at 12 volts, or use 24 volts and LED resistors to reduce the voltage at the LED.



    No need to waste valuable outputs triggering an external audio device. The Flex’s built-in MP3 player lets you playback up to 8 different CD quality audio tracks for each scene. It can also play unlimited ambient audio files, resume the ambient audio after a triggered scene, and fade audio between scenes.

    Want the ambient sounds a little quieter than the scare sounds? The Flex has independent volume controls for each channel and scene. This allows you to quickly adjust the volume on a scene by scene basis without any sound editing.

    Need even more audio channels? Link the Flex to our BooTunes using the DMX connector so you don't waste any outputs.

    Trigger Inputs

    The Flex has two optically-isolated trigger inputs. Inputs can be used to trigger scenes, different length shows for busy nights, or even as emergency stops. Pre and post-delays are also available for each trigger, as well as a timer mode to set the prop off on a recurring schedule.

    The most common triggers are PIR motions sensors, beam sensors, hand triggers, and pressure mats. Our selection of triggers can be seen here.

    The FlexMax 2 is expandable to a total of 10 inputs by linking a supported slave device.

    Mounting Options

    The Flex enclosure has sturdy mounting flanges for easy mounting to control boards or cabinets. You can also purchase a DIN Rail bracket that screws to the back of the Flex for sturdy mounting to DIN Rail.

    DMX Lighting

    The Flex with DMX Output can output DMX to control popular stage lighting, strobes, and foggers. The Flex makes it easy to control all of them while keeping them in sync with your prop’s animation and sound. Adding DMX devices doesn't use up any of your solid-state outputs. To connect the Flex 2 to a DMX fixture you'll need a CAT5e/6A Cable and this RJ45 to XLR Adapter.

    The Flex with DMX Output can handle up to 128 DMX channels. The DMX Output option, as well as support for up to 256 and 512 DMX channels, can be added in place after purchase using the Director software.

    DMX Capture

    The Flex can also be used to capture DMX data from another source. This feature can be used to import animation from another software package or device. The capture can then be used as one of the scenes in your show.

    Power Supply

    The Flex can be powered by a 12 or 24 volt DC power supply. The voltage you choose to power your Flex is the voltage it will send out of its solid-state outputs.

    For more information on selecting a power supply please read here.

    Flex 2 Improvements

    How does the Flex 2 compare to the previous generation?

    • 16MB vs 4MB of internal flash memory.
    • RGB status LED for clearer indication of current state.
    • DMX input and output now available on RJ45 jacks following the DMX wiring standard.
    • Improved power supply filtering.
    More Information
    Amplifier None
    Audio Storage 4 MB Internal
    Audio Quality MP3
    DMX Compatible Yes
    Output Capacity 1.5A each, 5A Total
    Output Type Solid-State
    Outputs 8
    Inputs 2
    Supply Current 50mA to 5A
    Supply Voltage 9-24 VDC
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    Customer Questions
    Can the BooBox Flex control a strobe light?

    A simple way to control a strobe light with the BooBox is to use a relay to turn it off and on. If you are only controlling one strobe light you can use the BooBox Single Relay Board or if you want to control more than one, or control other high-voltage devices you can use the BooBox Quad Relay Board

    Can the BooBox Flex wok servos?

    The BooBox Flex does not have servo support. However, the BooBox Flex MAX does.

    Is it possible to trigger this controller with a wireless remote from Home Depot?

    NO! Motions sensors from the hardware store are 120V AC and will burn up the controller. Only 12VDC trigger devices must be used with the controllers.

    I purchased a 2-output version a while ago. Can I now upgrade to an 8-output?

    Yes, please contact us for upgrade instructions.

    Can this controller power a 12V DC solenoid valve?

    Yes, when this controller is powered by a 12V DC power supply it will provide power to 12V DC devices. If powered by 24V DC it will provide power to 24V DC devices.

    What are some good Air Compressors for this product?

    Please see our document All About Air Compressors to assist you in selecting an air compressor.

    How long can the BooBox run animation up to?

    It can hold 8 scenes in ambient, and 8 more in each of the 8 input folders. Each scene can be up to 30 minutes long. Scenes can be stitched together so they play one after another if needed. So technically it can play 72 x 30 minute long scenes.

    How do you trigger the BooBox Flex every 10 mins?

    Set the Timer to 10 minutes. You can find it under show settings. That will trigger the Input1 scene every 10 minutes.

    How do you reset the BooBox Flex to remove all programs?

    When you export a show to the Flex using Director, it erases itself before it imports the new show. If you are using a ScareMaster, go into the Menu, scroll down to BooBox Setup, then choose Factory Reset.

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