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Scare Master Programmer

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The ScareMaster is the ultimate programming tool for the entire Fright Ideas line of products. All our current, as well as future products, will be designed to take advantage of the ease of use and flexibility of this programmer.


The ScareMaster programmer makes short scene programming easy. There’s no software to learn or confusing button sequences to memorize. Just plug it into your Flex or FlexMax and start animating. The ScareMaster’s cable allows you to program from a comfortable location, rather than having to work from where the controller is mounted.


Just Act Out the Scene

Animation can be easily programmed by simply pressing buttons and moving sliders as you listen to your sound. The ScareMaster uses buttons to program the relay outputs and sliders to program any lighting or servo outputs. You can program as many or as little outputs at a time as you want, keep programming over an output until it's just right, all while listening to your sound track play along in perfect sync.

The ScareMaster is targeted to prop manufacturers or owners that need to quickly create or change short animation sequences. It works best with up to 16 digital outputs and 4 or 6 analog outputs like lights or servos. If you need to program longer scenes, or scenes with more outputs, we highly recommend our free Director software.



The ScareMaster can be used to store copies of sounds and animation for props. This is great for prop manufacturers! Once a prop’s sound and animation have been finalized, copy the sounds to an SD card and use the ScareMaster to make exact clones of each controller, both the sound and animation are copied perfectly every time. Any number of programs can be permanently stored on the SD card for instant and convenient cloning of any prop.


LCD Interface

The ScareMaster’s LCD menu prompts you through each step of programming. The LCD also acts like a window into any connected controller, allowing it to display information and configuration options on the ScareMaster’s LCD screen as if it were it’s own. The intuitive interface makes changing even the most obscure setting clear and simple.


Firmware Upgrades

Firmware is like software, it’s the heart and soul of all of our products. The SD card option on the ScareMaster allows you to easily update it’s firmware to the latest version available free from our web site.


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