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Motor, Controller, Power Supply Kit (MOT1)

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Motor, Speed Controller, and Power Supply in a convenient kit!
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Motor, Controller, Power Supply Kit (MOT1)
Motor, Controller, Power Supply Kit (MOT1)

In stock



    Finger-Hand Hazard!

    Kit comes with everything you need to get up and running quickly:

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    Customer Questions
    How big is the mounting hole on the shaft arm?

    The shaft arm contains one mounting hole that is 5/16"

    What is the axial load bearing capacity of this motor?

    Sorry, we do not have that specification available.

    How does the shaft arm attach to the shaft itself?

    The shaft has a tapered end with splines, the very end of the shaft is threaded to accept mounting nut. The shaft arm is compressed onto the tapered shaft with the provided mounting nut.

    What would be the best motor kit for an Axeworthy Ghost?

    This motor works well for the Axworthy. We also have a kit here

    How many motors {mot1} can I run with one 12V 5Amp power supply?

    Each motor can draw up to 3Amps so technically only one motor can be run from a 12V 5Amp power supply. If your application does not put much stress on the motor then you might be able to run 2 off of one power supply.

    Is there an optimum position that the motor need to be mounted in? Horizontal? Vertical?

    It can be mounted in any position.

    Is the motor shaft steel?

    Yes, the shaft is made of steel.

    Can these motors be run right from a 12V car battery?

    Yes, they work great from a 12V DC car or motorcycle type battery.

    Does this motor come with a mounting bracket?

    No, it does not come with a mounting bracket.

    Are these motors designed to run constantly for 4-6 hours a night?

    It depends on the load hooked up to them, but generally they can run that long with no problem.

    Can this motor be used with a pulley?

    It potentially can but we do not carry or have a source for pulleys that fit the motor.

    Can the nut on the shafts be taken off for other possibilities? Like making the motor orbit, like an old record player?

    Yes, the motor comes with the nut and shaft arm unattached.

    How much weight can this motor lift?

    That is not a specification that is easily answered because it depends on how the motor is used and powered. The rated torque is : 53 in-lb (6N.m) and stall torque is 177 in-lb (20N.m).

    Can I have the recorded program run and repeat indefinitely without needing to be triggered each time?


    I live in England where the power supply is different.Will your prop motor or reindeer motor work over here?

    Yes. The 12v power supply will work with European 220v power.

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