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Mega Scream Box

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Finally, a triggerable MP3 player and high-watt speaker all in one!

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Mega Scream Box
Mega Scream Box

In stock



    A powerful, 100-Watt speaker and MP3 player! Simply load any sound, or series of sounds, you want onto an SD card, put the SD card into the speaker and turn it on. You can also use a USB memory stick to upload your files into the internal memory.

    Use any trigger! Motion Sensor, Hand Trigger, Step Mat, Beam Sensor...the choice is yours!

    There are two ways to load audio into the Mega Scream Box:

    • USB Memory Stick upload: If you are going to be using only a few small audio files you can put them on a USB memory stick and it will read them into the limited internal memory. You can then remove the USB stick.
    • SD Memory Card: Place all audio files onto an SD card and insert into Mega Scream Box. SD card must be left in the Mega Scream Box.

    Note: USB Stick and SD Memory Card are not included with the Mega Scream Box. You will need one or the other in order to use your own audio.


    • No tools or software needed!
    • Will not "forget" program when powered down
    • Storage medium: Built-in SPI Flash/ SD card ,
    • Internal flash supports 5-30 minutes sound. Maximum SD card size is 4 Gig.
    • Supports MP3 format files .
    • Supports two modes: Play a different file each time or play the same file each time.
    • Built-in 100W power amplifier to ensure loud and clear sound.
    • Comes with appropriate power supply.
    • Measures: 12" H x 7.5" D x 9"W
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    Customer Questions
    The lowest volume level is too loud. Is there anyway to adjust the lowest volume level?

    If the volume adjustment on this product does not go low enough for your application you can edit the MP3 files and lower their volume. Any audio editing software will have this capability. We recommend the free Audacity audio editing software.

    What sensors do you have that will activate this speaker?

    Any of our triggers for prop controllers will work with this prop.

    There are currently no specific videos for this product. Visit our YouTube channel for many great videos.
    For assistance with this product visit the Support & Training Center or Contact Us