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Activating a BooTunes from a PicoBoo AC (#1110)

Activating a BooTunes from a PicoBoo Jr (#1108)

Activating Multiple BooTunes from a Flex (#1138)
"These instructions require iTunes. If using a PC follow these instructions: Open iTunes Edit... Preferences... "General" tab... then click on "..."
Converting CDs to MP3 Files (#1074)
"Editing Sound Files If you need to edit sound files we recommend the free Audacity sound editor (available for PC and MAC). This program will al..."
Finding and Editing Sound Files (#1073)
"This information pertains to creating the correct folder structures on your SD card for use with our various controllers and MP3 players. For the sak..."
How to create folders on an SD card (#1137)

Making things shake with Transducers (#1143)

Running a Transducer with a BooTunes (#1072)

Scream Box To Go with Wireless Trigger (#1260)

Splitting left and right audio channels (#1099)

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"It seems as though you might have named the files “000.MP3.MP3” rather than “000.MP3”. If the sample MP3 files that are in t..."
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Do you need the Transducer Amplifier for the Transducer Shaker to work? Is there any other kind of control box needed, or will the Transducer Shaker work on its own? (#1007)
"Get a BooTunes. Use Audacity (free audio editing software) to offset the left and right stereo channels by a few seconds. Place the left speaker..."
How can I take a crow mp3 and make it sound like its coming from all around. (#1000)