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Dual Speed High Torque Prop Motor (MOT1)


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High Torque Prop Motor - with Dual Speed Technology!

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Dual Speed High Torque Prop Motor (MOT1)

In stock


    Our awesome motors just got, well,AWESOMER! Our standard motors now include a parking feature at no additional charge! Of course, you'll need a controller, like the revolutionary PicoVolt, to take advantage of the parking feature.

    Don't need parking? Then just ignore the extra wires :) Our motors will still function just like they always have, just with the added benefit of a parking feature if you need it.

    Our High Torque Motors have the power to drive the most demanding props! We have everything required to get you started in the fun world of motorized props!

    Why are our prop motors superior to other's? Our motors have power wires already installed, no strange connections. Change speed by simply switching the colored wires! Our motors are very high torque (power). Our included shaft arm has no strange ball end that must be "machined" off.

    In short: Yes... our motors ROCK!!!

    More about the new parking feature:
    A new revolution in prop motor technology! Our best-selling MOT1 model still features two selectable speeds and runs off of 12v power. However, it now comes with the additional feature of being able to stop on a dime at an exact factory set position. To use this feature the motor needs to be used with our PicoVolt or PicoBoo controllers.

    NOTE: In order to park the motor a controller must be used. Our PicoVolt controller was designed to work with the parking motor. Or you can use any one of our controllers with at least 3 relays required (such as the PicoBoo Plus and PicoBoo MAX). See our tech notes on wiring the motor to controllers.

    What's Included:

    • Motor (1)
    • Shaft Arm with Mounting Nut (1)
    • Mounting Bolts (3)
    Technical Specifications:
    • 50W,12vDC
    • Rated torque: 53 in-lb (6N.m)
    • Stall torque:177 in-lb (20N.m)
    • Unload high speed:50rpm,1.5A (@ 12vDC)
    • Unload low speed:35rpm,1.0A (@12vDC)
    • Maximum wattage is 50W (about 4amps @ 12vDC)
    • Noise:<50dB

        Motor Speeds (approximate)

        Power Supply

        Motor Wire



        Low (Green)

        35 RPM


        High (Blue)

        50 RPM


        Low (Green)

        15 RPM


        High (Blue)

        20 RPM

        Finger-Hand Hazard!

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    Video 1

    Parking Motor and Picovolt Controller Demonstration

    Video 1

    Power Supply Tutorial

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