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Axworthy Ghost Kit

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Finally, one of the most popular Halloween decorations made easy! No more trying to rig up Frisbee and a motor from a junkyard. FrightProps has assembled industrial quality parts to make this the ultimate Axworthy!

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Axworthy Ghost Kit

In stock


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    Mount your spools, string up the included fishing line and attach almost any light-weight prop (not included) to create a fun illusions! Use an optional PicoVolt controller to adjust the movement and trigger the prop. Or just plug it in and let your ghost fly!


    • 1x Main Unit
    • 1x Satellite Unit
    • 1x Power Supply
    • 1x 125 Yard Spool of Line
    • 1x Fishing Barrel Swivel Pin Connector Solid Rings with Interlock Snap
    • Instructions on how to attach your own lightweight "props"
    • Optional Ghost measures approximately 63" across and 4' 7" long

    The large Satellites are more stable and allow larger "ghosts" to turn the corners easier.

    Install additional optional Satellite Units to create a more extensive course for your "ghost" to travel!

    Optional controller and trigger only required if you want to control speed and direction or to activate when someone walks near.

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    Customer Questions
    Is the ax worthy ghost motor one of your wiper motors?
    How much weight can your axworthy ghost kit handle?

    Only a few pounds at the most.

    Do you recommend a particular ghost to use with this prop?

    We do not sell a specific prop. Anything used must be very lightweight, a small styrofoam ball covered in cloth works well.

    What is the suggested maximum line length between satellites?

    We do not have specific information but we have tested up to 40 feet here in the shop.

    If using a longer line, can the ghost travel further distance?

    Yes, but you will also need more satellite units so the line does no sag and fall off.

    Can you alter the speed setting of the axeworthy?

    The speed is adjustable if you get the optional PicoVolt controller.

    Does the base unit come with a large satellite unit or a small one?

    Large. We no longer sell a small wheel.

    Can these motors be run right from a 12V car battery?

    Yes, they work great from a 12V DC car or motorcycle type battery.

    What is the gage thickness of the the metal bracket that the motor and satalite wheel are secured to?


    Can this be mounted outside?

    Yes, that's how they are used. You do need to protect the wiring / electronics from moisture.

    What is the diameter of the wheels and do the satellites have bearings?

    They are about 12” in diameter and they all contain bearings.

    What is the diameter of the wheels and do the satellites have bearings or bushings?

    They are about 12” in diameter and they all contain bearings.

    Can it be use in a garage


    Do you sell the mounting hardware threaded adapter to mount the wheel to the wiper motor separately?


    Can the Axworthy Ghost travel from an elevated position down to a lower position? Or does it need to stay on a level plane?

    Best level or the line will fall off more easily.

    Axworthy Ghost

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