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Electric Lid Opener

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An electric solution for a popular illusion! This mech opens and closes a lid. Will open and close lid repeatedly, or, with optional PicoVolt controller, lid can remain closed until the trigger is activated, then open and close.

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Electric Lid Opener
Electric Lid Opener

In stock


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    Finger-Hand Hazard!

    NOTE: This mechanism is designed for light weight lids only and should not be used with large heavy lids (i.e.: coffins, large boxes, crates, ect...). See our Pneumatic Lid Opener Kit for heavier duty applications.

    Easily attach to any box, coffin or barrel and the mech opens and closes the lid! Attach a prop head to the inside of the box lid and it will appear to pop out of the box!

    Comes complete with...

    • The FrightProps High-Torque Dual Speed Prop Motor
    • High-Amperage Power supply
    • Power supply adapter
    • Shaft arm with 6" connector shaft (can be cut with hacksaw to accommodate different openings)
    • Inverted Mounting Bracket for Motor
    • Mounting Bracket for Lid
    • Optional Controller
    • Optional Trigger

      Will run at a constant speed and direction when plugged in. Use the optional PicoVolt controller for speed and direction control.

      Looking to have a lid open when triggered and stay open? We suggest a linear actuator for that!

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    Customer Questions
    What is the maximum weight it will lift?

    No more than 5 pounds.

    Can these motors be run right from a 12V car battery?

    Yes, they work great from a 12V DC car or motorcycle type battery.

    Electric Lid Opener Demo

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