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green exit button
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Wall Mounted Button Trigger

SKU: 0778
This wall mounted push button is great for actors to use to activate props.

In Stock


  • Large 2 inch square, green push button - reads: "PUSH TO EXIT"
  • The mounting plate is the size of a standard wall switch plate
  • Button optionally lights up if you hook up power to it (25,000 hour replaceable bulb)
  • SPDT momentary contacts rated 10A @ 35VDC

Use with all FrightProps controllers and audio players or your own devices with trigger input.
Ship Weight: 0.3 pounds

Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Does this include a cord to connect to the PicoBoo?
    This product comes with very short wires (about 6" long). You can extend those with any type of wire (18 to 22 gauge recommended).