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4-Way 5-Port Valve with 1/8 Inch Ports

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A 5-ported valve is simply a 4-way with two separate exhausts.

Requires CompressorThis item requires an Air Compressor. Not included!

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4-Way 5-Port Valve with 1/8 Inch Ports
4-Way 5-Port Valve with 1/8 Inch Ports

In stock


    A 5-way valve is simply a 4-way with two separate exhausts. This helps if you want to control speed of a cylinder in both directions by limiting the exhaust individually. Just use these like you would a 4-way. Port 1 is in, 2 & 3 are out, and 4 & 5 are exhaust. Comes with flying leads (wires) for electrical hookup. In and Out ports are threaded female 1/8". The two exhaust ports are female 1/8"

    • Please note that the pictures show fittings installed- these are not included.
    • Solenoids allow you to turn on/off air supply to pneumatic cylinders. The voltage given for each part is the voltage that will operate the solenoid.
    • We also offer Complete Kits with all tubing and fittings if you need an entire solution.
    • See our exhaust mufflers and silencers for use with our solenoids.
    • The solenoids do not come with power cables. They all have flying leads (wires) for attaching to a power cable (AC) or power supply (DC).
    • Coils operate at: 12VDC:2.5W, 24VDC:2.5W, 110VAC:2.5VA
    • Cv = 0.67
    • 25 SCFM @ 100PSI
    • 21 to 115 psi operating range
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    Customer Questions
    Do the valves work in freezing temperatures?

    They work fine in cold weather but freezing could be an issue. Compressing air creates moisture which can get into the valves. If this happens and conditions are below freezing then the water will freeze and the valve will not function.

    What is lowest air pressure required for this valve to operate?

    This valve requires at least 20 psi to operate.

    Can I hook up more than one pneumatic cylinder to the same solenoid if I want them to go off at the same time?

    Yes, see this document on how to do so.

    Will this valve work for vacuum as well as air?

    Air only, 20psi minimum.

    Can I use a 4 way solenoid for a 3 way air blowing application?

    No, because with a 4-way air is always coming out of one of the two ports. Here is some info on how these vales operate: /faq/content/2/51/en/solenoid-valves-the-different-types-explained.html

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