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Nano Spot PLUS - Miniature Spotlights

In stock
A new revolution in haunt lighting! The Darklight; Nano Spot Plus is sleek and discrete with the highest quality bright LED light!

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Nano Spot PLUS - Miniature Spotlights

In stock


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    A great middle ground between the tiny Nano Spot and the larger Color Piano or Precision Z light. These lights produce a bright and pure LED light but are still small, black and easily disguised or hidden in your haunt scene! We designed them to be discrete but still pack exceptional lighting power for their size. These lights are powerful and inexpensive so they can be used to light entire haunts!

    • Integrated swivel mount allows for easy adjustments and endless mounting possibilities
    • Available in 7 different colors; Cool White, Warm White, Amber, Blue, Green, Red and Purple.
    • Comes with a 15" cord that contains positive and negative wires to attach to a regulated 12V DC power supply


    Power Draw: 60mA @ 12V (0.72W)
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    Customer Questions
    Can the Nano Mini Spotlights be used outdoors?

    They can be used outdoors but should be protected from water.

    What is the approximate color temperature of the warm white, and the cool white Nano?

    Approximately 3000k for warm and 6500k for cool.

    Are the nano's PWM dimmable?


    What is the approximate expected Lamp Life of the Nanos (in hours)?

    Approximately 50,000 hours.

    What is the I.P. Rating for the Nanos? (water resistant? waterproof? damp location?)

    There is no IP rating. They are water resistant.

    What is PWM?

    PWM stands for “Pulse Wave Modulation”. The technology is used to control dimming with LED lights. In some cases you can dim LED lights by reducing voltage but a better way (and the only way with some LEDs) is to keep the voltage constant but “pulse” it. That’s what PWM does… it pulses more frequent (bright) or less frequent (dim) 12V voltage to the LED. We offer several controllers based on PWM technology:


    Dimmer Controller for LED lighting

    DarkBox Flicker:


    Can you run a 12V LED light and also a 12V motor off of the same PicoVolt?

    Yes you can. The light and motor will activate at the same time.

    Are these adjustable to give a flood pattern versus spotlight?

    They are spot lights only and are not adjustable at all.

    Is it possible to order the Nano Spot with a UV LED?

    No, there is no UV version of the Nano.

    Can you wire a Precision Z, Precision Alpha, or Nano directly to a PicoBoo?
    Is there a way to make the nano spotlights blink?

    Yes, you can use any of our LED light controllers to do so.

    Does this plug into a standard household electrical outlet? Do I need anything else?

    Nano Spots require power from a power supply or directly from a controller.

    Nano Spot Plus

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