Turn on the compressed air and dab soapy water to all threads and also where airline enters fittings.  Bubbles will form where there are leaks.

Stopping Air Leaks

Leaks from threaded fittings

  • First try tightening
  • If it still leaks then use teflon tape to seal.  Tightly wrap the threads a few times in the direction of the thread.

Leaks from airline

  • Before removing the airline, make certain that the pressure inside the tube is zero.  Attempting to remove the airline with pressure will potentially damage the airline and Push-On fitting.
  • Make certain the airline is cut perfectly straight by using our Tube Cutter or a sharp utility knife, do not use scissors as they will crimp the airline and cause leaks.
  • If it still leaks then replace fitting
  • If polyethylene airline becomes kinked, crushed, or folded and then straightened out it will be weak in those areas and can form leaks.
  • Pressure in the airline should never go over 125psi. Exceeding this will cause stress on the airline and fittings which will lead to leaks. It is always best to keep the psi as low as possible.
  • Always use appropriate airline with the fittings.  The polyethylene and polyurethane sold by FrightProps is designed to work with the fittings.  Never use waterline purchased from the hardware store!  It is not compatible with the fittings and leaks will occur.