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RFID Prop Trigger with Relay
  • RFID Disc Size Comparison

RFID Prop Trigger with Relay

SKU: 0425-RFID
Consists of a small key fob that is totally self contained (no moving parts or batteries) and a proximity sensor and associated receiver circuit box. When the key fob is brought within 3 inches of the sensor, the unique data encoded in the key fob is transferred to the sensor-receiver, activating whatever device (controller, relay, solenoid, light, locks, etc.) that you have connected to the receiver.

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  • RFID unit with relay, two keys and a master key (used to encode additional keys)
  • Keys are waterproof and crush-resistant
  • Operates on 12v DC
  • Operating frequency 125KHz
  • Sensor measures 2.1" x 1.3" and is attached by a 20" cable to the receiver box (which measures 4 1/8" x 2 1/8"
  • Sensor can be mounted in wood or behind glass or plastic and will still function perfectly.
  • 6 ICs
  • 10 amp relay triggers when unit is activated.
  • Sensing range is 3"
NOTE: The plastic key fobs can be opened to access the discs within. Discs are very small and thin, making them perfect for attaching to props or concealing inside objects!


Product Faqs

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  • How do you encode new fobs with with master for your RFID?
    Each RFID trigger comes with a Master Key (it is enclosed in a metal tin). To flash a new key, simply open the tin and hold the new key close to the Master Key for a few seconds. The new key will now be configured to work with that RFID sensor.