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This product only works on 120V power systems (North American) and will not work on 240V even with a transformer.
Perfect Storm
  • Perfect Storm
  • Perfect Storm
  • Perfect Storm
  • Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm is an excellent budget thunder and lightning simulator for haunted productions, plays, and theatrical events. Use it to turn ordinary bulbs into lightning effect lights and add an extra layer of realism and drama to your spooky productions to capture the attention of your audience.

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The Perfect Storm Lightning Controller is an inexpensive sound-activated lightning simulator that allows you to control the flashing of your lights and create a thunder and lightning effect. It comes with a microphone that “listens” to the sounds around it and synchronizes these sounds with the flashing of incandescent and LED lights. This means that you don’t have to manually operate the lightning controller; just plug your lights into it and place it near a sound source, and it’ll take care of the rest! Unlike some lightning controllers, the Perfect Storm comes with a CD that plays more than 60 minutes’ worth of spooky sound effects, so no need to scour the web for thunder and lightning sound effects. However if you wanted to, you can use any kind of music and play it through your CD player, MP3 player, smartphone, or tablet and the lightning simulator will pick up the music and synchronize your lights with the sounds. Make sure to attach only LED and incandescent lights to the Perfect Storm Lightning Controller as the unit isn’t recommended for fluorescent lights. It’s always good to check the lights and ensure they don’t exceed 1,000 watts of power to avoid tripping the device’s reset fuse. Perfect Storm can be plugged into any 15amp 120 volt outlet and has a power input of 120v/60hz and uses a type 15A fuse.
Ship Weight: 2.9 pounds


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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Can I use 240 volt or is it only 110 volt
    It is only for use with 110VAC
  • How many outlets are there on the Perfect Storm?
    There is one outlet for hooking a light up to. You can use a power strip to get multiple outlets but make sure that all connected lights do not exceed 1000 watts
  • How many lights and speakers can you hook up to it?
    The Perfect Storm has a microphone that listens to external audio and converts into the light flashes/fades. It does not contain an audio player and so you do not hook speakers up to it. It can handle up to 1000 watts of light.
  • Can strobe lights be used with this product?
    No, strobe lights are "blinky" and do not create an effect of lightning. The appropriate lights to use are incandescent, which are standard regular lights.
  • Will the Prolight 400 work with the perfect storm lightning machine?
    Yes, the Prolight 400 will work with the perfect storm lightning machine. It will also work with any standard incandescent light fixture.
  • Will this lighting machine run on 220V?
    These lighting machines will only run from 110V AC. They do not work on 220V.
  • Is there a connection for audio input from a PC or other audio source?
    Yes, it contains both a microphone that "listens" to audio and also an input for line-level input from a device. You can use either one.
  • I have a playlist on a CD with various noises. Will this work with that?
    This product has a microphone that simply "listens" to whatever sounds are in the room. So if you play your CD on your own CD player with speaker then this will hear that noise.
  • Does the Perfect Storm have an audio input jack?
    Yes, it contains both a microphone that "listens" to audio and also an input for line-level input from a device. You can use either one.