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Talking Skull Complete Package (2 Skulls)

Talking Skull Complete Package (2 Skulls)

SKU: 0860-S2
Everything you need to create a scene where two skulls talk to eachother. You supply the audio, everything else is included!

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Great for scenes with two characters conversing or arguing with each other!


Note! The Talking Skulls are designed for seasonal use. If running them for extended periods the servos that control the mouth and eyes will need to be periodically replaced.


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Ask a Question

  • How can I make 2 Talking Skulls talk to each other?
    The manual describes how to hook them up to talk to each other. Also, you need a stereo audio track that has one skull audio on the left channel and the other skull on the right channel. You can use the free audio tool "Audacity" to create such an audio file. Wiring information is in the paper manual you received and also the PicoTalk Manual (see page5) Free Audacity software
  • I need to trigger the skulls to start playing when a button is pressed
    The BooTunes is a triggerable MP3 player that will fit your needs You can hook any type of standard push button up to it (for example, a doorbell button). All of our prop controller triggers also work with it
  • What type of LED's work with the Talking Skull?
    Any standard LEDs will work. The operating voltage of standard LEDs is usually around 1.2 volts. Anything from 1 to 2 volts will work fine. Which is almost every LED out there. They just can't be LED assemblies that already have integrated resistors, such as our nano spots, mini spotlight LEDs, etc.
  • What is the "third servo" slot on the PicoTalk 2 for?
    The third position is for hooking up a batter pack to power the PicoTalk. It is not for a servo.
  • What size are the eyeballs?
    Each eyeball measures 28mm