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The Ghost Bust

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The Ghost Bust uses a powerful, high-definition projector to map an array of creepy characters onto a specially engineered bust. If you’ve ever seen the Haunted Mansion’s singing busts, you’ll get the idea, but we’ve made them even scarier! And now, you can play a different routine every time it’s triggered. Collect all 13 creepy characters and see why Wired Magazine named The Ghost Bust one of the top five must-have Halloween props! Optional items you might want to consider would be a trigger, a sound system, and a stand or shelf to display it on.

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Haunt Rules HD
The Ghost Bust

In stock


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    The Ghost Bust system comes with a durable life-size resin bust, solid-state video player with 25-foot HDMI cable, projector ceiling mount, and an HD-ready 720p projector that is incredibly bright at 3900 ANSI lumens. That’s one of the brightest we’ve seen, bright enough even for daytime use! One character routine of your choosing is included — pick from thirteen thoroughly creepy characters. Optional items you might want to consider would be a trigger, a sound system, and a stand or shelf on which to display the bust. 


    New Scares Every Year:

    Give your audience something fresh and exciting every year... with the Ghost Bust talking and singing busts, you can change the entire theme of the scene simply by swapping in a different SD-Card! Plus, no moving parts means no tedious maintenance or breakdowns. Simple, cool and fun!


    Options for Different Needs:

    Choose the best talking statue routine based on your needs. Need something to keep folks entertained in line? Check out the Haunt Rules routine. Want a quick scare? Try Startle Bites or the Ghost Bride. Employ the Vampire Ghost Host's "Watcher Mode" option for silent but thrilling eye candy!



    Ghost Bust Live, allows you to puppet the Ghost Bust as it syncs to your voice in real time! See more info here!


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    Customer Questions
    Is it an option to just purchase a bust and a routine rather than the whole package?

    The Ghost Bust comes only as a complete package. The projection was created using a specific projector on a specific bust statue in order to achieve the tight integration that creates the startlingly life-like effect. Since different projectors have different “throw” characteristics, using a different projector would give you less than the optimal effect.

    When purchasing this do you receive all of the images or do you have to purchase them separately?

    At purchase you can choose one of the available routines from the drop-down menu on the product page. The routine you select will be the one we ship with the unit. Once you own the system, you can get additional routines for $99 each. Every year, (or even every night), you could have a different scenario just by swapping out the DVDs. You choose which character you want to display by changing the DVD you are using.

    Routine: Ghost Host HD

    Routine: Clown

    Rotuine: Pirate

    Routine: Graveyard Skull

    Routine: House Rules

    Routine: Halloween Song

    Routine: Witch Seance

    Routine: House of the Rising Sun

    Routine: Spider Face

    Routine: Scarecrow HD

    Routine: Startle Bites

    Routine: Ghost Bride

    Routine: Alien

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