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Ghost Bust Live

Ghost Bust Live

Add the Ghost Bust Live system to your existing Ghost Bust setup to bring even more fun and excitement to your haunt! Interact with your guests live... you control what the Ghost Bust says!

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Available as a full system or as a software only download!

Turns You into a Monster:

Load the software onto your computer (Mac or PC) and use the professional microphone and voice changer to disguise your voice into something really frightening!

Create Custom Routines:

Ghost Bust Live also responds to pre-recorded audio files, so you can have the Ghost Bust perform your own original stories and speeches you've recorded yourself ahead of time!

Play Multiple Routines:

Switch from live mode to auto-pilot mode to have the Ghost Bust perform up to five different Night Frights routines: at the touch of a button or looping one after the other. Great when your actor needs a break, or when you want to play more than one Ghost Bust routine in a night! Pre-recorded videos sold separately.)

Fun and Simple to Use:

Get into the act! Think of the Ghost Bust as your own spooky avatar that you control from a secret hiding place. In live mode, you can switch between the Undead or the Cloaked Skull. In auto-pilot mode, choose from a dozen character routines for easy video playback.

Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Can the Graveyard Skull image be used in the Live mode?
    Yes! The Ghost Bust Live system features two built-in characters that you can switch between with the press of a button, one of which is the Graveyard Skull.
  • How big and where does the projector go for this effect?
    The projector is a high-powered 2700 lumens unit, so it’s a standard size. However, it’s black and mounted to the ceiling, so it’s surprisingly discrete. When the Ghost Bust first debuted we couldn’t help but laugh at how many people asked if it was a hologram, or if it was internally projected, when the projector was right there above their head! The high lumens gives you an excellent projected image even in a room with lots of ambient light, so total darkness isn’t necessary.
  • Is the Live System similar to the talking skulls in terms of jaw movement mirroring the voice?
    Yes, the Ghost Busy Live's jaw movement is triggered by the amplitude of the audio signal. However, it can also be "puppeted" with the space bar which is a lot of fun and gives an even more fluid and lifelike performance.
  • At what distance up and forward is ideal for the projector to be mounted for the bust projection?
    The distance from the projector lens to the bust should be six feet, with the projector mounted to an 8' ceiling (or tripod, bar, etc). If you need to mount the projector higher or lower, simply raise or lower the bust by the same amount.