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Paintball CO2 Tank

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Power your pneumatic props from one of these small 20 ounce paintball tanks!
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Paintball C02 Tank
Paintball CO2 Tank

In stock


    Great for powering pneumatic props where there is no air compressor. One of these small tanks will run a small pneumatic prop for up to 12 hours without a recharge, Requires our special "Paintball Tank to pneumatic prop regulator" to regulate the high pressure CO2 down to the PSI range used by pneumatic props. Regulator contains a push-on fitting that accepts our standard 1/4" airline.

    Tare weight 1.75 lbs, 3-1/4" diameter and 10-1/2" tall

    Threads are g1/2-14

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    Customer Questions
    Who fills paintball CO2 tanks?

    We recommend renting a large C02 tank from a local welding or gas supply. Then use our "CO2 Fill Station" to fill these small tanks. You could also have them filled by local paintball stores or sporting good stores.

    How long will a full cylinder last?

    It is difficult to calculate. We have run tests with a small pop-up prop that uses a 3/4" bore cylinder and were able to get up to 12 hours from one tank with a 20 second delay between activations.

    Using CO2 to Power Pneumatic Cylinders

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