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Laser Swamp - Floor Effect Package

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Create a "pool" of laser light and surprise your attendees.

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Laser Swamp Package
Laser Swamp - Floor Effect Package

In stock


    The Laser Swamp has been wowing haunt goers from around the globe! This unique effect is achieved with lasers, a haze machine, and haze. The result is a flat swirling surface of a color that creates the illusion of wading through a swampy marsh. Since it's near impossible to see below the laser line, you can position an actor right next to a patron without them even knowing. When the time is right, the actor can pop up to mere inches from their face!

    The starting package includes:

    • 6 laser modules with adjustable wall mounts and power supplies
    • Antari Z-350 Hazer also included
    • 4 Gallons of Haze Fluid

      The Deluxe Laser Swamp Package includes everything in the base package as well as:

      • 2 Hanging Spider Props
      • 60 x 8 ft Foliage Netting
      • 2 5X7 Mossy Ceiling Nettings
      • 2 Firefly lighting modules
      • 40" wide x 8 ft tall 8" Black Vinyl Door Flap Material Mounted
      • Battery operated Scent Distribution Box with Swampy Marsh Scent Cup
      • Animated Swamp Hag Prop with 18x24 Step Mat
      • Black Out Morph Suit, Size<250lbs


          The following are some details based on a laser swamp effect set up for a tradeshow and may be helpful in setting up your own laser swamp!

          "We started with a flat black room 10' wide x 16' long. The height is non critical; the demo was 10', but it could have been lower to make it easier to decorate with materials to brush people in the face. The width of the room is more important and the laser light tends to taper in strength when refracted through the haze. This varies with the amount of haze in the room but after about 7 ft the effect become faint. We mounted 4 lasers in the corners and two in the middle of the 16' walls. These were mounted belly button high as a personal preference. You want enough height to allow the actor in the black skin suit room to work below the lasers, but you don't want to expose shorter patrons to laser light in their eyes. There were two 36" wide doors in the middle of the 10' wall sections with 8" black PVC vinyl strip material("fear flaps") to block light and minimize the haze loss. We had a small fan just off of the entrance pulling some fresh air into the room the accentuate the swirl of the haze in the lasers to make the effect appear more fluid like. We decorated the room to visually distract people and focus their attention to allow the actor to work undetected with use of an animatronic witch prop to draw peoples attention."

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