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Hazardous Products Warning

Potentially Hazardous Products Warning
These products are not toys and can cause serious harm or death if misused. By stating that you have read these terms, you agree that these items will be operated by a responsible adult or trained professional at all times. FrightProps, LLC has no control over the use of any product and therefore expects the user to exercise good judgment as to the proper selection, installation, use and maintenance of any product. FrightProps, LLC assumes no responsibility for damage or injury of any kind due to misuse or improper application in any way by any person. The warnings, precautions, and instructions discussed here cannot cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur. It must be understood by the operator that common sense and caution are factors which cannot be built into this product, but must be supplied by the operator.
Electronic Firecracker Safety Precautions
  • Keep children away. Do not allow them to play with or around this product
  • Never point directly at ears. Misuse may lead to hearing damage.
  • Keep hands and fingers clear from the area that produces sparks
  • These products produce actual sparks that have the potential to ignite flammable substances.
  • Only run for bursts of a few seconds at a time, do not leave on.
  • Keep away from water or wet environments.
  • Do not remove the safety cap.
  • Do not insert fingers near electrodes. These units can hold a charge, so there is a danger of electric shock even if the unit is unplugged.

  Please also review this important information on the longevity of the electronic firecracker products.

Doom Cannon Safety Precautions
  • Wear ear protection while operating the cannon (sound pressure level is approximately 120dB(A) when measured perpendicular to the end of the megaphone at 6ft.)
  • Observe all local requirements and laws that may apply to noise and the production of sound in the vicinity of a residential area or otherwise.
  • Never look into the barrel of the cannon.
  • Never place objects into the barrel of the cannon.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the Doom Cannon and do not block air circulation.
  • The gas tank should be placed upright.
  • Never place the gas tank in a pit.
  • Only propane (LPG) or butane gas may be used, preferably propane. Do not use any other type of gas.
  • Never use the cannon indoors.
  • Clear area surrounding gas cylinder and Doom Cannon of all debris and inflammable objects.
  • Place the cannon on a stable and horizontal surface.
  • Do not smoke near the cannon.
  • Keep the gas cylinder away from sources of heat.
  • In the event of a fire:
    A.) Try to close the valve on the gas cylinder.
    B.) Extinguish fire with dry-chemical extinguisher.
  • Flame Unit Safety Precautions
    • These products produce REAL flames and must not be used near an audience!
    • A State flame operator NFPA 160 certified license and hazard pyro insurance miight be required (check with local fire Marshal)
    • May require a local Fire Marshal permit and approval.
    • Unit must be attended by a qualified technician at all times.
    • Always abide by all state fire codes and ordinances.
    • Only use the provided power cord.
    • Power must be unplugged when unit is not in use or when maintenance is being performed on the unit.
    • Do not use in a rainy or humid environment.
    • Do not expose to water or wet environments.
    • Burn time must be less than 3 seconds and minimum interval is 5 seconds.
    • Do not block the flame outlet.
    • Do not approach the flame unit when it is in use. Do not put your head, arms or body near the flame projector while it is powered on.
    • If the machine is damaged, immediately remove all power. Do not disassemble the unit in an attempt to repair it.
    • Do not reuse a damaged unit.
    • Make sure there are no gas leaks. Avoid any open flames when installing propane or fuel oil.
    • Fuel must be stored in a safe place. Do not expose to high temperatures, high pressure or direct sunlight.
    • Produces real open flame. Use extreme caution operating this unit! Indoor use is not recommended.
    • No flammable or explosive materials should be present within 20' of the unit.
    • Do not allow people to approach the unit when power is on. Do not allow people to approach within 20' of the unit.
    • When not in use, turn off the gas at the tank and activate the unit several times to clear any remaining gas in the lines.
    • Make sure the unit is placed in such a manner that it cannot be knocked over by staff or patrons!