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FrightProps Blood Formula

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Dries and remains super glossy... like real fresh blood. Use to paint your own props, masks, scenery, etc.

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FrightProps Blood Formula
FrightProps Blood Formula

In stock


    Blood can be painted on or dripped with a paint brush. Blood can also be thinned with water and sprayed.

    FrightProps blood is not for use on skin.

    This water based polyurethane coating can be used as a stretch coating for most plastics, synthetic rubber, latex, flexible polyurethane foams, and polyurethane elastomers. When brushed or sprayed, FrightProps Secret Blood Formula will air dry quickly to form a soft, stretchy elastomeric coating.

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    Customer Questions
    Can I use this on silicone mask?

    No, it will not adhere to silicone. Best to use a silicone based product.

    Can I paint this on a latex mask? Does it dry completely and will it stretch with the mask?

    Yes, this product works well on latex masks, dries completely, and has stretch to it.

    Can I use this product on my silicone mask?

    No, you need to use a silicone based product with a silicone mask. A product such as Smooth-On Psycho Paint® works well.

    Can i use it on fabric items?

    Yes, although we do not recommend washing garments with the product applied.

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