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Vortex Fog Chiller - Volumizing Crystals

Vortex Chillers - Volumizer Crystals


Volumizer Crystals almost double the coverage and thickness of your fog by lowering the temperature of your smoke and fog by as much as 14 degrees!

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Add Volumizer Crystals to your ice and chill the smoke from a gallon of fog fluid to increase your fogger's output. This product is specialized and developed by industry experts and works by multiplying the natural endothermic sublimation process when the 200 degree smoke collides with ice to create a fog effect. Using natural technologies, Volumizing Crystals are an environmentally safe way to maximize your fog by cooling it down, ensuring you get almost double the output from your fog machines and your fog fluid. The concentration of real fog to smoke ratio becomes so high when using the crystals that the result becomes pure and snow white - like authentic London fog!

The combination of both the Vortex Endothermic Sublimation Technology (VEST) system along with the added volume and mass from Volumizer Crystals can truly enhance the performance of a small wattage fogger and transform it into a serious unit by emitting up to ten times more fog.

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  • How much of this do you mix in with the ice?
    One 2.5 lb bag should last for several applications for the Vortex Fusion. You should sprinkle it over the top of the ice. You don't need to pile it on thick. One bag should last for the equivalent time it takes to consume one gallon of fog juice from the fog machine connected to the chiller.