It is best for each prop to have its own regulator so that you can adjust the PSI to different levels for each prop. 

Recommended PSI Setting

There is no exact PSI requirement for your prop.  We recommend that you start at a low PSI (such as 20psi) and try the prop.  If it does not function as desired then slowly increase the PSI until you find a setting that works for you.  The lower the PSI the better because this will prevent excessive wear on the prop and related components.  Never go over 120psi.

Safety Instructions

These Safety Instructions aim to prevent injuries to human bodies and damage to properties by requiring proper use of pneumatic devices,  Also the relevant requirements of ISO 4414 and JIS B8370 must be observed.  ISO 4414: Pneumatic fluid power… Recommendations for the application of equipment to transmission and control systems.  JIS B8370: General standards for pneumatic systems.


  • Animated props are intended for intermittent use only. Many require a wall or handrail to separate them from your audience as they move quickly and may injure those too close. We accept no responsibility for the misuse of animated props.


  • Special care must be taken with pneumatic props to avoid injury. Make sure that no more than 120psi is supplied to any of our props. Most of our props only require < 40psi to operate.


  • Most of our timers and props run off of 110v AC. Please be aware that shock hazards may exist if water or other liquids are allowed contact with our timers and props.


  • Protect from hearing damage! Staff should wear ear protection if repeatedly exposed to noise.


  • Point air cannons and air blasters away from people.  Massive quick air release could potentially project objects in direction of air flow.


* FrightProps, LLC has no control over the use of any product and therefore expects the user to exercise good judgment as to the proper selection, installation, use and maintenance of any product. FrightProps, LLC assumes no responsibility for damage or injury of any kind due to misuse or improper application in any way by any person.