This diagram illustrates the basics of how a pneumatic system could be layed out.  

Basic Connections Overview


Compressors usually have a quick connect barrel to hook airline to.  You need to convert that style to a push-on type.  Use a "Quick Connect with Push-On" to do that...

Quck Connect with Push-On


Then you can use y's, tee's and unions to split off to your props....

Union Y Fitting Union T Fitting Union Cross Fitting Three Way Branch Fitting


The props each need a push-on style fitting too...

Male Elbow Fitting Male Fitting


Then you can use polyethylene or polyurethane airline that pushes into the fittings:..

Polyurethane Airline Polyethylene Airline
Male Elbow Fitting Male Fitting
Supple yet strong. Kink resistant, so it handles tight bends without collapsing. More expensive than Polyethylene airline, but you can bend it and step on it without crushing it. The most popular and affordable airline. Works great with push-on fittings. It is black, semi-rigid, and very tough, but will crush if you bend it in half or step on it.