Referred to by different names, “Quick-Connect”, “Push-To-Connect”, or “Push-On” fittings are very easy to use and reuse. Simply push tubing into fitting... Done!  To release the airline simply pull back on the fitting collar and the airline slides out easily.

Inserting and Removing Airline

TO INSERT: Simply push airline into fitting. Internal lock claws grab and hold airline


TO REMOVE: Push airline and "release ring" on fitting down firmly. Then while still holding "release ring" down pull airline out.

·         Make certain the airline is cut perfectly straight by using our Tube Cutter or a sharp utility knife, do not use scissors as they will crimp the airline and restrict airflow.

·         Before removing the airline, make certain that the pressure inside the tube is zero.  Attempting to remove the airline with pressure will potentially damage the airline and Push-On fitting.

A Note About Fittings with Threads

Most of our Push-On fittings with threads have sealing compound applied so there is no need to use pipe thread sealant tape (sometimes referred to as “Teflon tape”).  Those fittings with threads that do not have the sealing compound will require pipe thread sealant tape applied.

White compound shown on threads means the fitting is self-sealing and does not require pipe thread sealant tape.

These threads will require pipe thread sealant tape to be applied or air will leak from threads.