The normal operation of our 3-Way Solenoid Valves is “normally closed”.  What this means is that air does not come out of port “A” until the solenoid is activated.

This document illustrates how to change our 3-Way Solenoid Valves to operate as “normally open”. What this means is that air will come out of port “A” until the solenoid is activated, at which point it will stop.


Position valve as shown with “EA” and “P” facing upwards.   Please note that the manual operator (blue in this picture but sometimes red or silver) may or may not be on the top when you begin

Remove solenoid mounting nut.  There is a spring washer under the nut, make sure that is not lost.

Here it is with the solenoid, mounting nut, and spring washer removed.

Remove the two Phillips head screws from the top of the valve.

Gently pull the top assembly (black part) away from the valve body.

Remove the two Phillips head screws from the bottom of the valve body.

Here it is with both the top and bottom removed.

Carefully push the piston through the valve body.  Remove the large spring.

Pull the piston all the way out.  It is coated with a thin layer of lubrication. Try not to touch it too much so that the majority of lubrication is left in place.

Here it is fully disassembled.

Turn the piston over and insert in the opposite direction.

Insert large spring back into piston.

Re-install bottom using the two Phillips head screws previously removed.

Re-install the top using the two Phillips head screws.  Important: See that little hole in the valve body (smaller than the screw hole)?  Make sure the similar sized small hole in the black part matches up with that.

Here it is assembled. 

Install the spring washer and retaining nut to the solenoid.

Here is the valve after the modification has been completed.


Your 3-Way Solenoid Valve will now operate as “normally open”

Please note that the "P" (the port that air from the compressor goes into) will now be changed to the one that is closest to the solenoid and not the one marked "P".