If your solenoid valve is sticking in the open or closed position this document will show you how to lubricate it so that it functions correctly.  Note: If you don't have lubraction sometimes just taking it apart and putting it back together will get the valve functioning.


You will be removing the bottom plate from the valve.

Remove the two screws that hold the bottom plate in place:

You will need to hold the plate in place while removing the two screws because there is a spring that will make removeing the screws difficult:

Here it is with the bottom plate removed.  Note the diamond shaped black gasket that is stuck to the valve body...

That gasket might be stuck to the bottom plate instead.  This is where it should be placed if stuck to the valve body:

Remove the spring and stick a screw driver in the hole.  Gently pull the piston out by prying with the screwdriver until you can grab it with your hands:

Here it is all disassembled:

You will now need some lubricant (grease).  We recommend Silicone Lubricant or any type of lubricant that is designed to be used with o-rings or gaskets.  Shown here is LocTite Silicone Lubricant #51360:

Liberally coat each black gasket with the lubricant:

Insert the piston back into the valve body:

Insert spring and make sure diamond shaped gasket is mounted to the bottom plate:

Reinstall bottom plate: