Documents in Talking Skulls

Splitting stereo audio into talking and ambient channels (#1215)

Using a Microphone with the Talking Skull (#1189)
Video: Talking Skull Manual (#1078) Video: Talking Skull Programming (#1077)

Questions in Talking Skulls

"The talking skull does not come with a stand. We currently do not have a stand option for purchase.  There is a hole in the base of the skull for..."
Does the talking skull come with the tabletop stand like in the video? (#1053)
"You can use a BooTunes and load up to 1000 different tracks into it. It will play the "next" track out to the skull each time it is triggered. ..."
How can I rig the talking skull to play a random sound clip when triggered? (#1029)
"The BooTunes is a high-end controllable MP3 player. The iPod will work perfectly fine with the FrightProps talking skulls. However, the BooTunes ca..."
I have an iPod touch. Why would I need a BooTunes player or what would the benefits be? (#1001)
"The servo cannot be oiled.  Jaw squeak can occur when the cable ties that hold on the jaw are too tight, this can be fixed by lubing the holes t..."
Is there a way to oil the servo in the talking skull so it does not squeak so much? (#1008)