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Vortex Cold Fusion - Black

Vortex Fog Chiller - Cold Fusion


The Cold Fusion is an effective way to increase fog and works well for small cemetery scenes, enclosed areas, and home parties. Handles foggers up to 10,000CFM and carries enough ice to create up to 7 cubic miles of real fog.

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You don't need huge expensive fog machines for creating a fog-filled compact cemetery scene, house party, or small live theater play - the Cold Fusion will work with machines as small as 200 to 1000 watts and still outperform any home crafted chiller using machines three times the wattage and specified output. The Cold Fusion handles foggers up to 10,000CFM and can carry enough ice to create up to 7 cubic miles of real fog. Using the VEST system (Vortex Endothermic Sublimation Technology), this chiller can generate up to 500% as much fog as the fog machine used to power it. The Cold Fusion works by transforming the ice into real fog, blending it with the flash frozen smoke, then delivering it out the scene - making even a tiny fogging unit into a powerhouse that can actually push fog out 10, 20, even 30 feet away without using fans of any kind. This results in pea-soup thick fog on the stage instead of a thin, hazy, mist that can come from using fans to propel your fog.

Beating out numerous chilling systems and devices that the big guys pay big bucks for, the Vortex Endothermic Sublimation Technology produces the most economical low fog out there without sacrificing quality and durability. The Cold Fusion is ruggedly built for years of use in a home setting and backed by a full one year warranty.

After 15 years of testing and formulating low fog technologies and experimenting with different fluids for hundreds of hours in trade shows across the country, we can guarantee that using our ultra pure, Fast Dissipating Indoor Low Lying Fog Fluid will result in a better low-lying scene than any other fluid on the market today. If you are looking for the perfect graveyard scene, make sure to use Outdoor Ground Formula for the Freezin' Effect. Also, when using specially formulated Vortex Volumizer Crystals to lower the temperature of your fog, you will see a huge increase in visual density, output, and how long your fog lingers. And, as an added bonus, the resulting fog when using the Volumizer Crystals is pure, snow white-like natural London fog.


  • Vortex Item No: CH191613 Dimensions: 19H X 16W X 13D
  • Weight: 6 LBS
  • Maximum Fog Machine CFM: 10,000CFM
  • Ice Capacity: 20 LBS "
    Ship Weight: 20 pounds


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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Do I need to purchase a separate fog machine to use this product?
    Yes. This fog chiller requires a fog machine and does not come with one. The Vortex chills the fog coming from a fog machine in order to produce low lying fog.
  • What other equipment do I need to own in order to use this particular product?
    You need a fog machine (we recommend the Hurricane 1300) and you will need ice (it holds a 20lb bag).