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Scary Mary Mirror

Scary Mary Mirror

The Scary Mary Mirror is a stunning ornate Gothic mirror that works in any haunted house setting and appears to be innocent enough, until the mirror's reflection suddenly transforms into a horrifying vision professionally engineered to "scare the yell" out of even the bravest souls.

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Super-simple setup. Uses standard DVDs, so no video files to transfer, no software to learn, no complicated wiring setups. Playback is as easy as popping in a DVD and pressing play.

Choose from four terrifying themes: Bloody Mary Scream, Killer Clown, the Zombie Asylum, or for more family-friendly fare, the Mirror on the Wall video! The same hardware works with all four haunt videos, each filmed in amazing Hollywood quality production!

The screen mounts easily to the wall using the included ultra-low profile wall mount. No false wall construction necessary. Best of all, you can use any of our expanding library of mirror routines. Create a new scare each year simply by inserting a different DVD!

We don't offer just the DVD, this is a complete turnkey system, so you'll receive everything you need (besides a sound system) to present this horrifying effect in an effective and professional manner.

Each Scary Mary Mirror system includes: one intricately detailed mirror frame measuring a grand 41" tall by 27" wide, two-way mirror panel, LCD TV, DVD player with HDMI output and cable, and wall mount. Requires a sound system, (available separately). Not recommended for outdoor use or for areas prone to extreme temperature variations.

The Scary Mary Mirror’s dimensions are: 41” High x 27” Wide x 4” Deep (including mirror, monitor and wall mount, so it hugs the wall nicely in order to avoid detection)


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  • Which sound system would you recommend?
    Any sound system will do, but the more power you have, the more effective the scare! One thing you don’t want to do is use the tiny speakers on the included television, as they’re just not powerful enough to handle the bass frequencies in the audio, and you wouldn’t be able to crank them loud enough to provide an effective startle. We recommend a pair of powered speakers, like these.