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Rust Dust
  • Rust Dust
  • Rust Dust
  • Rust Dust
  • Rust Dust
  • Rust Dust

Rust Dust

SKU: 1017
Make anything rusty with our Rust Dust!

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Less waste, more REAL rust! From the Torture Factory!
  • Step 1: Paint the surface to be rusted with paint of your choice.
  • Step 2: Sprinkle some Rust Dust onto the wet paint
  • Step 3: Let paint dry
  • Step 4: Spray on the Rust Dust Activator
  • Behold the rust form before your very eyes!

Some things of note...

  • Rust Dust creates REAL rust which will eat through metal just as any rust would. So don't decorate anything you don't want rusted!
  • Other products on the market have the chemicals mixed in with paint, only the chemicals on the surface create rust and so those mixed in the paint are wasted! You get more rust for your buck with Rust Dust because it is sprinkled on top of the paint exposing 100% of the rust creating chemicals!
  • Unlike some other products, NO HEAT is required for the reaction to take place.


Product Faqs

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  • Does the rust dust come with the activator spray?
  • Is the Rust Dust ok for outside use?