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Due to high demand, this item will be shipping in early September 2017. Order now to make sure you have yours in time for Halloween!
Electrocution Table

Electrocution Table

What did this poor man do to deserve to be strapped to a chair and shocked with electricity?! Surely the work of some sort of insane mad scientist - a sadist hell-bent on testing the limits of human pain! Thrashing up and down, the poor victim screams in pain, shaking in agony but unable to escape.

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Comes with Character, Pneumatics, Overhead light an metal rack, Wires, 2 strobes, controller and motion sensor. PLUG & PLAY!

Custom Sound, Mp3 Player & Power Speakers.

REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi.

Optional metal table available.

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Product Faqs

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  • How water proof if this prop if put outside in a front yard?
    This prop is not at all "water proof" and must be protected from moisture. Many people use them outside and cover or bring inside when there is inclement weather.
  • What are some good Air Compressors for this product?
    Please see our document All About Air Compressors to assist you in selecting an air compressor.