Black Widow Cobwebbing Gun

The Black Widow cobweb shooter is a professional level cobweb gun without the heavy price tag!

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The Black Widow uses a 200 watt UL listed gun which is capable of producing 6-7 pounds of cobwebs per hour and can be used inside or outside in temperatures down to 45 degrees. Our high wattage gun allows you to shoot webs non-stop without having to continuously wait for the gun to reheat every few minutes which is a common problem with low end guns which are typically 80 watts or lower.

  • Cobwebbing Sticks sold separately.
  • Requires an air compressor and household electricity

Ship Weight: 1.6 pounds

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  • Does the Black Widow web gun have a valve to turn off the air?
    Yes, the Black Widow contains an air shut off valve at the base of the unit. It can be partially closed to restrict airflow as well.
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