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Scary Mary Mirror

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The Scary Mary Mirror is a stunning ornate Gothic mirror that works in any haunted house setting and appears to be innocent enough, until the mirror's reflection suddenly transforms into a horrifying vision professionally engineered to "scare the yell" out of even the bravest souls.

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Scary Mary Mirror

In stock



    NOTE: Speakers are not included. The end user will need to supply powered speakers to use the audio function of this prop.


    Fine craftsmanship and artisan gothic detailing make our animated Haunted Mirror startle props treasured additions to any haunted mansion. Best of all, the mirror appears to be innocent enough, until its reflection suddenly transforms into a horrifying vision professionally engineered to “scare the yell” out of even the bravest souls. This Bloody Mary in the Mirror prop also transforms into a fairytale mirror for Mirror Mirror on the Wall displays.


    The latest update allows you to play a different video every time the mirror is triggered. Maximize your haunt’s terror factor with a thrilling startle scare featuring Scary Mary, the Killer Clown, the Zombie Asylum, Dark Fairytales, or our scariest villain yet, the new Nosferatu Vampire! Collect all five Haunted Mirror characters and rotate through the different scares for each audience! 


    Setup is simple. Mounts easily to any wall using the included ultra-low profile wall mount and two screws. And since there are no moving parts to wear out, you won’t be stopping down in the middle of a performance to track down mechanical problems. Once the hardware is mounted, connect your favorite switch mat or hand-held trigger, pop in the included thumb drive, and you’re ready to scare! The same hardware works with all of our mirror videos, each filmed in amazing Hollywood quality production!


    Our customers are an elite group of serious haunters. We don’t offer just the video, so you’re unlikely to see the same effect in a bunch of other haunts in town. Which gives its appearance in your event maximum impact. So many factors are involved in pulling this effect off properly: reflectivity vs. transparency of the mirror, dynamic contrast ratio of the video screen, monitor backlight type… we did the R&D needed to make sure the effect works to give you the most intense scare possible. 


    Each Haunted Mirror system includes comes complete with one intricately detailed gothic mirror measuring an impressive 40″ tall by 28″ wide fitted with our proprietary two-way mirror panel formulated to our specs, HD TV, solid-state video player, thumb drive, 25 ft HDMI cable, and easy to install wall mount.

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    Customer Questions
    Which sound system would you recommend?

    Any sound system will do, but the more power you have, the more effective the scare! One thing you don’t want to do is use the tiny speakers on the included television, as they’re just not powerful enough to handle the bass frequencies in the audio, and you wouldn’t be able to crank them loud enough to provide an effective startle. We recommend a pair of powered speakers, like these.

    Product Demo

    Routine: Vampire Mirror

    Routine: Zombie Asylum

    Routine: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

    Routine: Killer Clown

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