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Train Blaster Air Horns
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Train Blaster Air Horns

SKU: 0717
Our Train Blaster air horns sound like a real freight train! Great for scenes that simulate a train coming at patrons. These train horns will blow them away! Available as a complete set-up or as a kit.

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Absolutely incredible sound, these are the loudest air horns around! Buy one as a train horn kit or purchase a boxed version!
  • Lightweight and extremely loud
  • Durable plastic body
  • Stainless steel diaphragms
  • Brass fittings
  • Requires an air compressor (not included)
  • 90 psi recommended. 150 max psi.

Train Horn Kits Include:

  • 4 Black Finish Horns
  • 12v DC 1/2" Solenoid Valve
  • All standard fitting & mounting hardware
  • Airline tubing
  • Many trigger and controller options

Boxed version: Comes with everything in the train horn kit with controller version mounted in a wooden box ready to go!

Staff must wear hearing protection when working near our Train Blasters! Hearing damage will occur with prolonged exposure.
Hearing protection required!

Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Are these legal to use in a residential neighborhood?
    Laws vary and so you would need to check with your local government or community. They are very loud.
  • Is this ready to run or is there extra parts needed to run it?
    The options are shown in the drop-down "*Activation Method" list. And selection of a box is the check box below that. If you do not get it in a box it will come with all of the parts that you must put together. If you get the box then it will come fully assembled in the box and ready to run. In all cases, you need a compressor and standard 110V power.
  • What are some good Air Compressors for this product?
    Please see our document All About Air Compressors to assist you in selecting an air compressor.