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PRO Flicker LED Controller - 4 Channel

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The Pro Flicker LED controller is now available in a 4-channel commercial version designed specifically for applications in which several LED lights require independent control.  These applications include:

  • Hallway lighting (corridor lanterns, candles, torches)
  • Hallway fluorescent tube arrays
  • Candelabras

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PRO Flicker LED Controller - 4 Channel
PRO Flicker LED Controller - 4 Channel

In stock



    As with our other Pro Flicker LED controllers, each of the four channels employ the most advanced pattern effects generation for LEDs and now includes for the first time ever, artificially intelligence (AI) based prediction algorithms for the most realistic candle and flame effects.  Software based low pass filtering is also employed to provide smooth and organic modulation without the sharp transitions and flickering common with cheap and inferior flicker controllers.

    Four (4) onboard pushbuttons allows the user to cycle through a wide array of steady-state, flame, electrical flicker and surge, and strobe and pulsation patterns with varying intensities, modulation, and flickering for each channel. Internal memory allows the device to resume the previously selected output mode on each channel in the event power is loss to the device.  This is also useful for permanent installations where a single operating mode is required continuously even when power is cycled.

    There are also four (4) onboard LEDs that display the currently selected mode and pattern generation for each of the four (4) output channels.


    • Generates lighting effects for LEDs, low voltage halogen, and incandescent bulbs.
    • Four (4) independent output channels
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based prediction algorithms for realistic pattern generation
    • Embedded processor low-pass filter employs smooth and organic flow
    • Onboard pushbutton allows an easy and quick way to change output patterns
    • Onboard LED displays the presently selected operational mode (NEW)
    • Internal memory saves previous mode setting
    • True random algorithms provide the most realistic and non-repeating pattern generation possible
    • Operating voltage:  7VDC to 16VDC
    • Max. load current:  2.0A (TBC) per channel
    • Reverse voltage protection
    • Mounting holes for easy installation
    • Removable terminal blocks

    Operating Modes - Candle and Flame Suite

    • (5) Steady-state modes
    • (10) Candle and Flame modes

    Operating Modes - Neon Sign Suite

    • (5) Steady-state modes
    • (9) neon flicker modes including simulated igniter defect
    • (3) neon surge modes
    • (5) electrical flicker modes
    • (4) electrical surge modes

    Typical Applications

    • Halloween attractions
    • Dark rides and attractions
    • Candelabras
    • Lanterns and flashlights
    • Museum and stage special effects
    • Weddings and other events
    • Props and animatronics
    • Illuminated signs
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