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Cobwebbing Sticks (Black Widow) - UV Reactive

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These web sticks have a bright blue/white glow under blacklights just like a white T-shirt would have.

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Black Widow Cobwebbing Sticks - UV Reactive
Cobwebbing Sticks (Black Widow) - UV Reactive

In stock


    Great for showing cobwebs in labs and cemeteries - anywhere blacklights are used!
    • Each Cobwebbing Stick is 10 inches long (.44" diameter)
    • High-Quality, Non-toxic
    • UV "Blacklight" Reactive, UV light will make the webs glow

    These are for use with our Black Widow Cob Webbing Gun. Should also work in other guns that accept .44 inch diameter sticks.

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    Customer Questions
    Are the webs easy to clean up after use?

    Yes, easy to clean from most surfaces but you should test before covering an item.

    How many UV sticks do you get in the pound order?

    There are 19 sticks in our 1 pound packs.

    How many cubic inches does a half pound sticks cover?

    A half pound (10) WebSticks should cover a small to medium size prop depending on how dense you want the webs. A room may require 5 pounds or more to achieve a truly spooky look. Our WebSticks have an indefinite shelf life and if kept at room temperature, will be good to go next season if you have any left over. It is better to have more sticks than you need than to run out before you have completed shooting your props or scene.

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